Professional staff with advanced level of training and efficiency.

Storage location suits for goods.

As follows:
1. Quay inside Alexandria Port with capacity of 50.000 MT for solid fuel.
2. Quay inside ELDEKHIELA Port with capacity of 75.000 MT for solid fuel
3. Licensed store from ministry of environment affairs outside Alexandria port with capacity of 75,000 MT for solid fuel
4. Store outside the borders of Alexandria and El Dekhela ports in the area of 14000 M2 dedicated for general cargo.
5. Storage areas with multiple location at AL ADABIA for Solid fuel & other bulk materials

15 crane with capacity of 25 MT to 90 MT.

18 Barges

2 Tow Truck

12 Grabs (Electric Hydraulic)

5 Grabs for scrap

5 Excavators and loaders

12 hopers

Manage & control fleet vehicles consists of 120 tipper car and 200 flat bed .

License to discharge, storage, transport general cargo, inside Alexandria, El Dkhiela, Damietta, Al Adabia and Sfaga.